Wooden reliefs for crafting

 Wooden reliefs for your special craft and woodwork projects 

wooden-relief-and-patternWe all want to leave a mark… Something personal and intimately ours that will last in memories or physical world. We want to leave a mark when we work or play, love and share; a mark in the lives of our friends and family through our hobbies, gardens, man caves and she-sheds… the list is endless, and so it should be! Never tried to use relief in your crafting or woodwork, now is the time!

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Crafting and woodwork using wooden reliefs

If you are here, it means that you want to make something out of wood or other materials and you are sailship on water alooking for means to help you complete the crafting or woodworking project. We, Artcam Express and our CNC Router Workshop are happy to help make your idea a reality. We supply 3D wooden reliefs and patterns pre-made from different hard and soft woods. The crafting and woodworking materials we produce are commonly called 2.5D designs, reliefs and patterns. This means: although you do have 3 dimensions, all designs have a flat area at the back. This is great, you can inlay them or just stick them on your projects. We now keep 8 mm (0.3 inches) and 21 mm (0.8 inches) wood for producing the crafting and woodwork reliefs. We have a wide range of wood types to make the crafting and woodwork items so that they will look great as part of your project. You will find all the design details for the available wooden reliefs in “How to specify wooden relief details

How do you use these wooden reliefs as part of your project?

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  • Firstly you can inlay the wooden reliefs. To inlay the relief you need to create an area that is lower than the surface where you want to place the wooden relief. This is normally done by handheld router or chisel. If you are using a router, make a jig, it works great.
  • Stick-on wooden reliefs or patterns. The wooden reliefs we make have solid base of about 2 mm thick or more. When you have selected the place where you want to stick the wooden relief, all you do is sand or file down the edge of the wooden relief so that there is a smooth transition between the relief and your project.  If you are going to use many, we will change the design so that it has a very thin edge, around 0.5 mm.
  • Use wooden reliefs as they are. Use a combination of wooden reliefs to make a project, for example, wall hangings, pen boxes, coasters, etc or single carved wooden scenes. Scenes are fantastic, larger than a single wooden relief and come in many forms. You will find examples in the scene library and in the general articles on wooden reliefs. Scenes are generally made to order and not as a stock item, You will find in the scene library both already carved examples and only graphicly designed scenes. Scenes are personal and get created through collaboration between you and us. Please feel free to contact us with a basic idea, we will put a basic draft design together at no cost to you, it is free.


We have some articles to help you with using wooden reliefs in your projects or you can visit our wooden reliefs libraryPlease feel free to contact us or leave comments with any suggestions or questions. By-the-way :- the images show the reliefs as they come from the CNC router, no sanding or polishing done!

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