Wooden Relief or Pattern for that Special Project

Wooden Relief or Pattern carving using a CNC router

We all want to leave a mark… Something personal and intimately ours that will last in memories or physical world. We want to leave a mark when we work or play, love and share; a mark in lives of our friends and family through our hobbies, gardens, man caves and she-sheds… the list is endless, and so it should be! Never allow your bucket list to be empty!! Don’t worry, you are on the right path to leave a mark if you are reading this. If you are here, it means that you want to make something out of wood or other materials and you are looking for means to help you complete the project. We and our Little CNC Router Workshop are happy to help make your idea a reality. We supply 3D wooden reliefs and patterns pre-made from a number of hard and soft woods.

What is a relief and how is it created?wooden-relief-and-pattern-carving-cnc-router-reliefs-patterns

Relief, from Latin “relievo, rilievo”, is a sculptural or carving technique. Carving or sculpturing is an act of shaping something by scraping away a portion of the material. A CNC router is a sculptor that has a rotating drill bit (Router bit) instead of the sculpturing tools and the machine moves this bit up, down, forward, backward, left and right. In the case of a relief carving process, the machine carves thousands of little lines over a piece of wood.

wooden-relief-and-pattern-cnc-routerWhat is a pattern and how is it created?

A pattern is a template (relief in our case) that repeats in a predictable manner. Not much else to say accept that there are really very beautiful patterns that will enhance any woodcraft project. Be careful not to overdo patterns though. Always consider the wood: the smaller the pattern, the finer the grain of the wood should be.

Process to create a wooden relief or pattern for carving

artcam-relief-of-a-sail-ship-design-3D-cnc-router-asoapbox-downloadNow that you know the carving process, the next step is to convert a picture of an item, animal, shape, etc. into a wooden relief or pattern. We find pictures that can make a nice flowing design and ship-relief-man-cave-sanctuary-cnc-routerthrough the help of CAD software we convert it into a wooden relief or pattern. These wooden relief or pattern gets converted into a language that the CNC Router can understand by a program called Artcam. We then test a created relief on various types of wood to see the impact of changing the size and depth of carving on the quality and beauty of the product. If the wooden relief or pattern passes the machining tests and we believe it will look great in a project, we move to the final testing step. That is, we simulate your process of sanding, sealing and polishing the wooden relief or pattern. This is to ensure that it should not take longer than around 4 hours of sanding and 3-5 layers of sealant/polish to create a beautiful wooden relief or pattern as part of your project.

Our standard width and height sizes for wooden reliefs or patterns are:

  • Small – 50 mm high with the width smaller or the same
  • Medium – 100 mm high with the width smaller or the same
  • Large and Huge – the CNC table can carve wooden reliefs or patterns of up to 600 by 900 mm but we limit the size to 550 by 850 mm. The depth of the wooden relief or pattern can be 25 mm (1 inch). With some relief lay-outs, the CNC can carve up to 75 mm. For further information on large and huge wooden reliefs or patterns click on the highlighted text.wooden-relief-and-pattern-cnc-router

The standard depwooden-relief-and-pattern-cnc-router-inlayth for the wooden reliefs or patterns are:

  • Inlay wooden reliefs or patterns – the relief can be 4 mm, 8mm or 12 mm in depth with a wood back thickness of 17 mm, 13 mm, 9mm, 4mm.
  • Stick-on wooden reliefs or patterns – the relief is 7 mm or 20 mm deep with a  0-1 mm back wood thickness. Please check if we indicated that the wooden relief or pattern is suitable for stick

The wooden relief or pattern is now ready for our store and your enjoyment. Please look through the library before going to the store, as the store will only show wooden reliefs and patterns that are in stock, and a large number of items we only produce on request so please feel free to contact us if the item is not in the store, the delay is minimal to setup a carving process for the wooden relief or pattern of your choice.


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