Artcam Relief Bear Paw

Artcam Relief Bear Paw


Artcam Relief Bear Paw ready for engraving or carving on your CNC router.

Product Description

Artcam Relief Bear Paw ready for engraving or carving on your CNC router.

File format for the relief or design: art or stl (The Artcam Relief Bear Paw is only in Artcam express and if you require it in STL please contact us)

This Artcam Relief Bear Paw was created in Sketchup. There are many forms for the Artcam Relief Bear Paw and we only add a very basic one to the store.

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Artcam Relief Bear Paw

The 2.5D Artcam Relief Bear Paw is made to add your personal taste and a little beauty to any woodworking or craft project. We use the Artcam Relief Bear Paw as part of a number of more complex designs. This creates very nice patterns when repeated with other basic shapes or as various sizes of this basic shape.

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