Reliefs and Patterns

Dacha Sign Carving

Our Dacha Sign Carving The Our Dacha sign carving comes from having spend some time in Russia, I had time to see a number of dacha’s or country houses. The idea behind a Dacha is fantastic. Wikipedia say the following: Dachas are very common in Russia, and are also widespread […]

Our Dacha sign carving

faith, hope, love carving

Faith, hope, love carving

Crafting faith, hope, love carving for the house Every so often one needs to be reminded of what is really imported in life, thus the faith, hope, love carving. I saw this sign while Googling for projects that will make great gifts for the Christmas season. The faith, hope, love […]

How to create beautiful text relief in Artcam

Text relief with Artcam Express! Words can change the world. Artcam Express is a fantastic programme, we love it! You might have already seen our reliefs — children of Artcam Express and our creativity — that, in our humble opinion, can turn any woodcraft work into a piece of art. Animals and...

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text relief

Selecting a relief and carving bit for testing of new wood types 1

Why selecting a relief and carving bit is a critical step The word is spreading about our carving of reliefs and patterns in the local community. With this comes interest and the desire of woodworkers to see how their favorite wood types will respond when they are carved on the CNC router. […]



Cherry Wood

American Cherry Wood (Prunus serotina) – CNC Router carving test American Cherry wood carved smoothly and retained all the relief detail during the CNC router test. Tests have been run on various reliefs with both 1/8′ and 1/4′ router bits. The rotation speed versus feed rate is not to critical. More carvings […]