CNC Router Business Emo Nightlight

Exciting and exclusive CNC Router Business Emo Nightlight for CNC router owners: Emo Lights

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Introduction to the CNC Router Business Emo Nightlight

We started our business about 2 years ago. We struggled to find a CNC Router Business Emo Nightlight in our community. Finally we have a CNC router product range that sale. It is easy to fabricate on the CNC router and with good sales features.

It is also loved by our clients. Yes, it is loved, as the canvas focus is the client’s memories, hobby or passion. The canvas is the key. See people’s faces light up when they see their favourite memory in lights on the canvas. You will be amazed.

CNC Router Business Emo Nightlight

We are looking for 1000 to 2000 CNC router owner/operators globally to be part of the CNC router Business opportunity. This is to make the Emo lights in your local community. We believe in the principle “For the community by the community”. We limit the number of CNC router operators to maximise your profit. This also gives you an opportunity to increase the size of your CNC router as the market grows.

The product range include clocks, keyholders, wall lamps and bed lamps.

What do South Coast My CNC Workshop provide?

  • A shop window on the internet:
    • With worldwide marketing but focused internet marketing strategy for your community.
    • Any order that we receive from your region is exclusively yours (only bank charges are subtracted).
    • Listing of your business on our site.
    • Listing on other internet boards to maximise you visibility in your community.
  • We have 100’s of tested designs.
  • We will provide design support during the first number of products that you make.
  • Keep your production cost low by buying and supplying bulk quality consumables.
  • Keeping shipment cost low where possible by arranging agreements for the total network,
  • We share successful CNC router designs and products within the community of users,
  • We will arrange funding for expansion or upgrades where practical,
  • We manage number of Emo light producers in a business location for optimum profitability and utilisation of equipment,
  • We will arrange sharing of production load in case of big contracts among CNC community.
  • We provide or direct you to technical training on software and hardware.

But our most important activity is to look at other CNC opportunities. The Emo light will give you visibility and pay the bills. It created an environment where other jobs come our way. Our focus is to increase your turn-over by adding another product or CNC machine to your workshop (3D printer, laser cutter or 4D CNC) with a product range that meet the motto “for the community by the community”.  Our criteria is as follows:

  • The product must be unique, useful and needed. It must be CNC friendly and have a high value add potential. (Must have associated larger versions with a higher profit margin), We want to bring fabrication back into our local community. What we are currently working on a network of graphic artists that can convert photo’s into engraving designs at $ 2 to 3 per photo.


Your cost to become part of the South Coast My CNC Workshop is free as a junior associate and  $ 20 per month as a Journeyman. If you are interested please subscribe if you want to make the lights you will need to Subscribe as a Journeyman. After subscribing, when you login, you will find a new tab called CNC Business where you can read about the CNC router requirements, the business model, etc.

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