Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby

Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugbyEmo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby  is a CNC router friendly, functional and beautiful product. We received a requested from a Cheetahs supported to make a couple of designs. The Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby focus on providing lighting in key areas around the house, garage, man cave and she-shed with eco- and cost friendly (power consumption is only 4W). The Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby are there to personalize your living space with ideas and images close to your heart.

Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby designs

Cheetahs rugby LED Clock White Cheetahs rugby LED Clock RGBCheetahs Rugby Light LED RGB

The Emo LED night lights can be as a clock, key holder and table or wall lamp with either white LED or RGB with a remote.

Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby image

The Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby can be made from any

  • picture,
  • drawing or
  • photo

that you have and brings a great memory to you. This picture is then converted into a pure black and white image and any text that you want is added.

The black and white image is sent to you before carving is done to make sure that you are happy with the image. We also simulate all our carving before doing the real carving.  In some cases, we will suggest a larger size especially when there is a large amount of detail in the picture. The carving tool removes around 0.25 by 0.24 mm of plexiglas and in some cases, detail is destroyed. Thus, by increasing the canvas size, the detail is protected and you will have the desired effect. This image is then carved on plexiglas and mounted.

Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby mounting

The image is either wall mounted or on a foot piece for free-standing units. The foot piece is normally from Walnut, Oak, Poplar or cherry wood but can also be from plastic,brass or aluminum.

Emo LED Night lights Cheetahs rugby size

The maximum size of the image use in the art decor night light is 800 by 500 mm. The thickness is from 3 mm to 25 mm but we mainly work in 5 mm plexiglass thickness. The standard size images are carved from a 200 by 200 by 5 mm piece of plexiglas fitted on a 190 mm by 60 by 20 mm wooden base. When making wall units, the standard size is 600 by 400 by 5 mm as this gives a beautiful clear picture even with a high level of detail.

Emo LED Night Lights Cheetahs rugby LED and power controller

 The standard unit is between 3 to 4 W LED’s which provides the equivalent of a 25 W white light bulb. The colour can be changed to any of the primary colours. The lighting system is also available with the following (on request)

  • on-off switch in cable as a hand switch or foot switch,
  • day-night switch to improve power utilisation,
  • dimming of the LED’s,
  • multi colour LED’s and
  • pattern sequence.

If you enjoy the night lights and want to buy or make them please contact us!

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