Ocean carved wooden clock

Crafting ocean carved wooden clock

Port Edward is located on the indian ocean and we always take any opportunity to include ocean reliefs in our design. We carve wooden wall clocks, not standing clocks but just normal wall clocks. The relief patterns and designs are available in the Artcam scene library. The ocean carved wooden clock is a typical example of a single design clock face made from many reliefs. 

Let’s graft the ocean carved wooden clock : Design Process

The following single Artcam Express reliefs creates the scene. The Artcam Express reliefs are available for downloading in the store, and the first three Artcam express is free when you register. 

dolphin-swimming-reliefocean shell reliefsWeave for clock

The sequence we used to create ocean carved wooden clock was:

  • The block of walnut was 300 by 300 mm with a thickness of 21 mm.
  • The Artcam Express reliefs of shells and dolphins were placed in a circle around a center weave of small leaves. The reliefs are 6 mm high.
  • The word reliefs are placed within 10 mm but not closer than 7.5 mm as we use a 1/4′ straight router bit to do the roughing during carving.

Ocean clock

The image shows the ocean carved wooden clock design converted to g-code, ready for machining.

Ocean carved wooden clock: Carving Part

The CNC router setup for carving of the ocean carved wooden clock was as follows:

  • The workpieces were 300 mm by 300 mm with a width of 21mm. The wood used are American Walnut. You can read about this wood type carving and general properties.
  • We used a Straight 1/4 Inch bit for roughing and a Ball Nose 1/8 Inch bit for final cutting. The number of carving layers was 3 in total, 2 roughing and then the final cut to produce the faith, hope, love carving. The ball nose diameter is 0.24 inches. The tool is from Amana Tools via Toolstoday online shop.
  • The feed rate was at 100 inches and the plunge rate at 30 inches per minute.
  • The spindle speed was at 15,000 r.p.m

The time to complete the ocean carved wooden clock was 7 hours. The scene was then lightly sanded and polished. The wood is sealed using Woodoc 10. Three layers of Woodoc 10 was applied with sanding and polishing between the first two layers. The ocean carved wooden clock is beautiful decoration for the kitchen.

ocean carved wooden clock

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