Engraving of Dolphins Playing

Engraving of dolphins playing

Dolphins playing in the moonlight

The engraving of dolphins playing in the moonlight is hanging in the entrance hall of a guest house located on the south coast of South Africa. The carving is made from French oak with a size of 600 mm by 310 mm with a depth of 21 mm. The other names associated with this coast are the dolphin coast or hibiscus coast of South Africa.  The south coast is famous for a large number of dolphins migrating up and down the coast. This part of the coast is also a whale watcher’s paradise. Some of the most beautiful pictures of whales have been taken along this stretch of coast.

Engraving of Dolphins Playing: Design Process

The following single Artcam Express reliefs creates the scene. The Artcam Express reliefs are available for downloading in the store, and the first five is free if you register. Every three months you will receive a coupon to download another five reliefs.

Artcam Express relief of ocean wavesArtcam Express relief of a Sailship updatedArtcam Express relief of a dolphin swimmingArtcam Express relief of the Moon

The sequence we used to create the engraving of dolphins playing was:

  • We added the ocean as the first relief, stretched it from 300 mm to 600 mm to cover the work area. The height of this relief is set to 4.5 mm before adding this relief as part of the engraving of dolphins playing.
  • The second relief that added was the moon. The moon was adjusted to around 4 mm to replace some of the waves of the ocean, creating the impression of the moon reflecting off the ocean.
  • The relief of a sailship came next to the engraving of dolphins playing. We used merge low in this case when pasting the relief, to ensured that the keel of the sailship is below the water.
  • The last items were the dolphins; they were inserted using merge high followed by smoothing the dolphin footprint and then repasting the dolphin reliefs again.
  • The final step was to smooth the scene by a little bit to ensure that the simulation toolpaths were looking great before actual machining.

Artcam Express relief Dolphins playing in the moonlight Scene

The image shows the engraving of dolphins playing design converted to g-code, ready for machining.

Engraving of Dolphins Playing: Carving Part

The CNC router setup for carving of the dolphins playing were as follows:

  • The workpiece was 610 mm by 400 mm with a width of 21mm. The material used is French Oak. You can read about this wood type carving and general properties.
  • We used a Ball Nose 1/4 Inch for both the roughing and finishing cutting. The number of carving layers was 4 in total, 3 roughing and then the final cut to produce the engraving of dolphins playing. The ball nose diameter is 0.24 inches. The tool is from Amana Tools via Toolstoday online shop.
  • The feed rate was at 100 inches and the plunge rate at 30 inches per minute.
  • The spindle speed was at 15,000 r.p.m

The time to complete the engraving of dolphins playing was 8 hours. The scene was then lightly sanded and polished. The scene was sealed using Woodoc 10 after a layer of wax was applied. Three layers of Woodoc 10 was applied with sanding and polishing between the first two layers.

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