2.5D carving Designs

Over a 200 2.5D carving designs currently available!

The 2.5D carving designs or engraving on a CNC router is available in the store. If you register we will send you a coupon that you can use to download three of the 2.5D carving designs for free. If the design is not in the store, please contact us and we will add it to the store. The 2.5D carving designs are simulated in Artcam express and the files in the store is Artcam express files. Most of these designs are also available in STL format but due to the size of these files, you will have to contact us and we will send them via email. If you have a design that is free to use and are willing to add it to the store please contact us or send the file via email.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific 2.5D carving designs that you need.

2.5D carving designs

These reliefs and patterns are generally made from hand drawings, pictures and photos converted to grayscale in GIMP and converted into STL files. We also make some designs in Sketchup with specific reference to text, borders and bases. These tools are easy to learn with very good help files. What is also very useful, is that there are large community support and very useful add-ons to make some actions very easy. You can find the process used for these designs under the articles, you will however need to register. The software tools that we use  are free and if there is any explanation, how to or where to find these tools, please drop us a mail.

Other Sources of 2.5D designs

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